Diwali Aarati 2016 – Ganesha Aarati | Lakshmi Aarati | Saraswati Aarati

Diwali Aarti 2016 – Ganesha, Lakshmi,Saraswati Aarti: If you are Hindu so you know what is Aarti, and it’s importance. If you are not Hindu but you need to know what is Aarti and its importance so here in this article you get all everything about Aarti, why people do Aarti, how many types of Aarti. So read this blog and get all information about Aarti enjoy this post.

About Aarti

Aarti is a great observance in Hindu’s and which is complete the puja (Worship). Everyone see when their worship on his home at the last you will see they start reading Aarti because any puja is incomplete without Aarti. Aarti is made by two different words “Aa” it means “complete” and “Rati” its means “love”. In many occasion of the festival we do worship and then Aarti like Saraswati puja, Navratri and most popular in Diwali festival. Aarti is the magical song which is sung for different kinds of Gods. Some importance things used in aarti especially puja thali, Ghee diya, Kapur, roli, supari, sweets etc these things make complete Aarti thali.aarti thali


About Lord Ganesha Aarti

All Knows about Diwali festival and importance of lord Ganesha Puja because without Aarti Diwali occasion is not complete. People sing lord Ganesha Aarti to express their love and devotion.


Importance of Ganesha Aarti on Diwali 2016

When people do Aarti so they make their face towards the lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi. Everyone concentrate their mind towards the god, they take the puja thali with burning, ghee dia, Kapur and start doing Aarti in round motion and sing Aarti. When they read Aarti they feel free and religious to mind, keep away from the all problem, jealous or comes close to the god and remove the darkness and welcome the blessing of the lord.

Lakshmi Aarti, Saraswati Aarti on Diwali 2016


Lakshmi puja is the great ritual in Hindu’s during the Diwali puja, Lakshmi Aarti is the one of the most important for the celebration of Diwali. At night, peoples take a puja thali with ghee diya, agar batis, and start doing Aarti in the front of goddess Lakshmi. Lakshmi Aarti removes the evil or brings the good luck, money, grace, good health and wealth etc. Goddess Lakshmi has three faces (I) Mahalakshmi it means goddess of wealth, (ii) Maha Saraswati it means goddess of knowledge, (iii) Mahakali its means goddess of kuber. Saraswati is the goddess of knowledge, arts, wisdom. Goddess Lakshmi is shown in her image having a book,lotus,white dress, white swan and she give the blessing to every one of knowledge. At last, peoples do worship of goddess Mahakali because she is the symbol of freedom from the evil powers. We do Aarti of the goddess and gets the full blessing.

laxmi. ganesh, Saraswati

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